• Stainless steel home brew mash lauter tun

    Stainless steel home brew mash lauter tun

    This mash system is primarily composed of mash tun, lauter tun, brew kettle whirlpool kettle etc.
    All the system is made from high quality stainless steel steel 304 with the international standard.
    The inner part of our machines in touch with mash or other materials has gone through the mirror polishing process, and the other part receives a Matt finish. In this way, we can provide our clients with a mash system featuring high technology, superior quality, low price ,and beautiful appearance.The working volume ranges from 100L to 10,000L
    Full stainless steel work platform w safety railing and non-slip substrate
    Stainless steel brewhouse, piping, valves, clamps and fittings
    Sanitary Single Stage Heat Exchanger 100 sq. ft. surface area
    Control System