• Beer hop infusion tank

    Beer hop infusion tank

    Add flavor and aroma to your brew with kosun’s Basic Infusion Tank. This entry-level pressurized tank requires less raw ingredients and less processing time to produce flavorful beer. A budget-friendly way to introduce creative recipes using hop pellets and cones, coffee, cocoa, vanilla, coconut, fruits, spices and more. It can also be used for cooling period after beer precipitation. It can not only improve the taste and smell of beer, but also reduce the volume of stones in the process...
  • Hop cannon hop gun

    Hop cannon hop gun

    Material: Sanitary SUS304 Sight Glass Window Interior Filter screen CO2 Inflatable Head on Top Lid Pressure Release Valve on Top Lid Pressure Gauge On Top Lid Upper and Lower Tangent Beer Inlets Bottomed Beer Outlet Pipe and Discharging Pipe CIP Spraying Ball on Top Lid   The hops gun,Hop cannon is the equipment for hops feeding in the beer production process. It is usually used in beer mash process and fermentation process. The traditional hops feeding technology is manual operation.Th...
  • Stainless steel bright beer storage tank

    Stainless steel bright beer storage tank

    Beer bright tanks are often used for beer maturation or beer conditioning, bright tank is also called brite beer tanks, or clear beer tanks. These tanks are used for the storage of the clear beer before being served or packaged. Depending on their application the beer serving tanks can be glycol jacketed or can be single wall in a cold room.