ASME Stamp PED certified Water filteration vessel

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Introduction of the ASME PED FILTER VESSELS

The stainless steel activated carbon filters,is one of the mechanical filter ,it mainly removes remained chlorine(exceeding 98%) from water with the porous and adsorbing nature of activate carbon, and can also effectively remove organic, colloid, heavy metal, pigment and odor. The equipment can be used for the pre-treatment phase for reverse osmosis,  ultrafiltration  and ion exchange system, and can improve the quality of input water of various water treatment equipment and assure the effective and stable work of follow-up equipment.



The materials for the tank are: stainless steel, steel lined with rubber .

The surface finish can be matt polished or acid washing  or mirror polished

The design pressure can be 10 bar g


Application of the ASME PED FILTER VESSELS

As the mechanical filter ,it is mainly used for removal of organism, colloidal silicon, remained chlorine etc. It has higher absorption ability to odor, color and heavy metal molecular.

The carbon chosen for mineral water, purify water and beverage industry is water-purify carbon which can enhance the taste of pure water.
It can be used as the pretreatment system for RO, electro dialysis, and ion exchange system that can safeguard these equipment
Activated carbon filter can back flush timely and also can be showered by NaOH,HCL. If condition allowed, it also can be washed by vapor blower which should be remarked before ordering, so that we can design and produce accordingly.

KOSUNS ASME PED FILTER VESSELS including activated carbon filter vessel ,sand filter vessel ,filter filter vessel ,cartridge filter vessel ,steam filter housing etc



Model Water Treatment Capacity


Filtering Speed


Height of Filter media layer





Dia. of outlet and inlet
ACT-1 1  





600-800 DN300×1500 DN20
ACT-3 3 700-900 DN500×2000 DN25
ACT-5 5 800-1000 DN700×2400 DN32
ACT-8 8 1000-1200 DN900×2800 DN40
ACT-10 10 1100-1300 DN1000×2800 DN40
ACT-15 15 1100-1300 DN1200×3000 DN50
ACT-20 20 1100-1300 DN1400×3000 DN65
ACT-30 30 1100-1300 DN1800×3200 DN80
ACT-40 40 1100-1300 DN2000×3200 DN100
stainless steel tank 1920

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