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Mechanical filter uses one or multi filter media, according to the different filter media can be divided into quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter and manganese sand filter and multi-medium filter. Under a certain pressure, the high turbidity of water through a certain thickness of granular or non-granular materials, so as to effectively remove suspended impurities and liquid clarification process. It is an important part of pure water preparation pretreatment and fluid purification system.

The mechanical filter can be divided into single flow filter and double flow filter which can be used in combination or separately according to the actual situation.

This device is used in the first filtration of water treatment. It consists in 304stainless steel. There is quartz sand inside. It divides coarse sand, medium sand and fine sand. It can remove dirty and other big particle


Technical parameters of the Asme Code sand filter  

Filtration speed :8-10m3/h

water turbidity:≤5mg/L;   

Operate temperature :ATM

Operate pressure :≤0.6Mpa;   

Back washing compressed air capacity:18-25L/m2.S

Filter media height :1000-1200mm   

Back washing strength:4-12L/m2.S;

Back wash time :4-6minutes


Applications of the sand filter :

• The depth of water purification; Breweries, beverage and other industries the

  depth of water purification treatment;
• Process condensate water removal, treatment, etc.

• Domestic wastewater treatment such as purification.

• Restaurant, hotel, units, stations, terminals, industrial and mining enterprises

• Industrial water ideal for water purification equipment.


Specification height(mm) Inlet/outlet Flow rate(m3/H) Capacity(m3;)
Φ300x1200 1900 DN20 0-0.7 0.11
Φ300x2000 2580 DN20 0-1.0 0.15
Φ400x1500 2150 DN25 0-1.2 0.20
Φ400x2000 2650 DN25 0-1.5 0.26
Φ500x1500 2310 DN32 0-2.0 0.32
Φ500x2000 2810 DN32 0-2.3 0.42
Φ600x1500 2380 DN40 0-3.0 0.47
Φ600x2000 2880 DN40 0.3.4 0.60
Φ700x1500 2500 DN50 0-4.0 0.65
Φ700x2000 3000 DN50 0-4.4 0.84
Φ800x1500 2600 DN65 0-5.0 0.87
Φ800x2000 3100 DN65 0-5.5 1.10
Φ900x1500 2650 DN65 0-6.0 1.30
Φ900x2000 3150 DN65 0-6.5 1.42
Φ1000x1500 2800 DN65 0-8.0 1.60
Φ1000x2000 3300 DN65 0-8.5 1.90
Φ2800x2000 4050 DN150 0-6.0 19.00
We can custom made according to customer’s actual request  
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