Multifunctional distillation apparatus (ammonia nitrogen still, volatile phenol still

The distiller mainly includes a gas distribution chamber, a gas needle, a height adjustment support frame, a hydrogen socket, a height adjustment member, a column, a fixed member, a car chassis, a bushing, a heating block, a sample test tube baby or a test bottle, etc.
Multi-purpose stills (permanganate index stills, volatile phenol stills, cyanide stills) use the world’s new far-infrared heating method, with high calorific value, long service life, faster temperature and cooling speed, heating Time and heating output power can be adjusted and other advantages. The equipment can be connected with the circulating system cooling water equipment. All system software is simple, easy to install and maintain, and reliable application. It can be widely used in the analysis of steam distillation samples in the fields of environmental protection, chemical plants, pharmaceuticals, raw materials, etc. It is especially suitable for steam distillation of samples such as permanganate index, volatile phenol and cyanide.

Post time: Apr-13-2022