Supercritical Co2 systems for the extraction

The principle of supercritical carbon dioxide extraction separation process is to use supercritical carbon dioxide to have special solubility effects on certain special natural products, using the relationship between the dissolution of supercritical carbon dioxide and its density, that is, the effect of pressure and temperature on supercritical carbon dioxide dissolution capacity ongoing. In the supercritical state, supercritical carbon dioxide is contacted with substance to be separated to selectively extract the polarity magnitude, the boiling point, and the molecular weight differentiated components. Of course, the extracts obtained in each pressure range cannot be single, but the conditions can be controlled to obtain an optimum proportion of mixed ingredients, and then by means of reduced pressure, the temperature of the temperature turns the supercritical fluid into a normal gas, and the extracted material Complete or basic precipitation, the purpose of separating purification is achieved, so the supercritical fluid carbon dioxide extraction process is made of extraction and separation.

Post time: Jan-28-2022