What to know before automating your ribbon blender cleaning process

Ribbon blenders are widely used for effective mixing of a variety of substances that vary from dry powders, very viscous pastes, creams to meat and almost everything in between. Most ribbon blenders are a u-shaped trough with one or multiple helical agitators or “ribbons” that blend, fold, and agitate products using both an axial and radial motion. There can be variations on this design where the agitator could utilize paddles or plows for mixing. Regardless of the agitator type, these devices are very difficult to clean due to the multiple surfaces, shadow areas, and close tolerances.

Because of the wide range of applications, there are several considerations to make when developing an effective sanitation process. In conjunction with your CIP system and using either an Impingement or Rotary Jet Head cleaning device (for difficult to clean residues) or Rotary Spray Head (for simpler residues), CIP cleaning of your ribbon blender can be accomplished efficiently, thoroughly, and in a much shorter time than inefficient fill and drain process or the time consuming hand cleaning.

Post time: May-24-2024