• Emulsifying pump

    Emulsifying pump

     The role of emulsifying machine and matters needing attention   Definition of emulsion pump:Emulsifying pump is a precise combination of stator, which produces strong shear force in high speed rotation to achieve mixing, homogenizing, dispersing and crushing.   Working principle:Electric energy is the power source of the emulsion pump, which mainly relies on the support of electric power to convert the electric energy into the power of high-speed rotation of the rotor. Under th...
  • Introduction of the Cryogenic filter

    Introduction of the Cryogenic filter

    Cryogenic filters are used to remove unwanted particles, contaminants and microbial presence from the cryogenic liquids. Chase cryogenic filters aid in delivering sterility to liquids at required flow rates.  Materials of construction is stainless steel The heart of the filter is the element which is made of the following:   1.Recleanable, pleated microweave 316 stainless steel Available in seven filtration ratings from 5um to 200 micron absolute 2.316L sintered stainless steel Avai...
  • Stainless steel steam filter element replacement of P-GS

    Stainless steel steam filter element replacement of P-GS

      KOSUN’S filter elements are designed for filtering steam and aggressive liquids or gases. Filtered steam is required whenever steam comes in direct contact with food product or product contact surfaces. It is also necessary to protect sterile filter integrity when using steam to sterilize filter elements. Filtered steam is recommended for the protection of precision modulating system components like pressure reducing valves, and to maintain efficiency of any heat transfer equipmen...
  • Stainless Steel Sterile Air, Steam & Liquid Filter Element replacement of (P)-GSL N

    Stainless Steel Sterile Air, Steam & Liquid Filter Element replacement of (P)-GSL N

    Kosun’s filter element is made of stainless steel 316l pleated filter mesh that remove the contaminants such as particles ,rust ,dirty . It is used in higher capacity applications of lower pressure drop .   The filter element connection is available with UF connection and code7(226) Available with back flushing or ultrasonic cleaning O-Ring: EPDM; Viton Temperature Range: -68°F to 300°F Maximum Differential Pressure: 72 PSID Replacement For: P-GSL Parker Domnick Hunter, Pall, RP Adam...
  • Stainless steel High Pressure Filters

    Stainless steel High Pressure Filters

    The new stainless steel high pressure filter has been developed in close cooperation with our customers. The high pressure filters are used in many customer applications such as: laser cutting, PET bottling, pressure testing of components, high pressure die casting, foundry cooling, seismic exploration, autoclave and diving applications.   Features: Customisable for Your Applications: Thread connections are manufactured as standard with either BSP/NPT but can be customised at your r...
  • Food grade stainless steel conical hopper

    Food grade stainless steel conical hopper

    Standard size from 10l ,20l ,50l 100l to 1000L Single wall or heating jacket conical hopper Polished with food grade or industrial grade 100% Stainless steel material   Specification of the conical hopper Material SS304 ,SS316L Capacity From 5L to 1000l or custom made Surface finish Mirror polished ,sand blasting ,stain finish Option Covers ,flange cover ,agitator Application Storage ,filling machine ,powder ,liquid
  • High pressure Stainless steel metal asme pressure vessels

    High pressure Stainless steel metal asme pressure vessels

    The amse pressure vessles can be built in accordance with the requirements of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessels code and are designed for multiple applications. They are safe for use up to a maximum working pressure of 0-100bar , and are manufactured using only the highest quality stainless steel (AISI 304, up to AISI 316L/AISI 316 Ti) and other hastelly metel ,duplex 2205 etc Our ASME pressure vessels including the following items : Shell and tube heat exchanger High pressure storage ...
  • ASME Certified bag filter vessel

    ASME Certified bag filter vessel

    Our bag  filter vessels are engineered to meet process requirements, reliability and ease of use. With a multiple of custom design units the filter will offer high performance, efficient and cost effective product. The Bag Filters can be designed, engineered and supplied to customer and/or ASME Code requirements with ‘U’ Stamp. Also, available the Bag filters can be built to international standards ie. PED.   Maximum design pressure is 150psi (10.3bar) or 300psi (20.7bar) Available ...
  • Introduction of the ASME Code sand filter

    Introduction of the ASME Code sand filter

    Mechanical filter uses one or multi filter media, according to the different filter media can be divided into quartz sand filter, activated carbon filter and manganese sand filter and multi-medium filter. Under a certain pressure, the high turbidity of water through a certain thickness of granular or non-granular materials, so as to effectively remove suspended impurities and liquid clarification process. It is an important part of pure water preparation pretreatment and fluid purification s...
  • Introduction of the ASME code activated carbon filter

    Introduction of the ASME code activated carbon filter

    The stainless steel activated carbon filters,is one of the mechanical filter ,it mainly removes remained chlorine(exceeding 98%) from water with the porous and adsorbing nature of activate carbon, and can also effectively remove organic, colloid, heavy metal, pigment and odor. The equipment can be used for the pre-treatment phase for reverse osmosis,  ultrafiltration  and ion exchange system, and can improve the quality of input water of various water treatment equipment and assure the e...
  • Sanitary inline sight glass

    Sanitary inline sight glass

    Pharmacy process and clean utility sight glass from 1” to 4” tri clamp connections Sanitary inline and window style sight glasses meet the exacting standards required for your upstream or downstream process visualization needs.   Material SS304 ,SS316L Connection 1” 1.5” 2” 2.5” 3” 4” Finish  Hygenic polished Operate pressure 0-6bar   
  • Stainless steel Asme u stamp filter vessel

    Stainless steel Asme u stamp filter vessel

    We mainly focus on stainless steel pressure vessel and tanks. We could manufacture all kinds of stainless steel Asme code and U stamped filter vessels, Including multi bag filter housing and vessel, Activated carbon filter housing and vessel, cartridge filter housing and vessels. We also could manufacture customized filter housing and vessels according to customer’s drawing. Meanwhile we could also manufacture CE marked filter housing and vessels, PED or higher grade, under the Supervision o...