stainless steel Cip cleaning washing system

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stainless steel cip system, manual cip system, and automatic cip system, From 100L and 3000L cip tank, 3 tank or 2 tank system.

  • Tank capacity: 100L-10000L
  • CIP tank type: Alcali tankacid tank,hot waterclean water tank ,water recycle tank
  • Cleaning recycles: Single circuitdouble circuitsthree circuitsfour circuits
  • Automatic types : Full Automatic / Semi-auto control / Manual operation
  • Material: ss304 ,SS316L
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    KOSUN FULID stainless steel CIP cleaning system

    Cip-System: It is the tank-cleaning device for the rapid automation process. Pre-set system controls the cleaning process from the beginning to the end. It is simple, fast, and cleans thoroughly. The sanitary valves concerns as well as structure.
    2. Equipment: Acid tank, caustia alkaine tank, and hot water tank one for each, the recycling of detergents and adjustment of temperature, and liquid level are preset.
    3. Processing order:
    (1) The liquid level in tank must be adjusted before operation.
    (2) Cycling detergent must be released according to the switching of the flow valve. Wrong operation in the control system stops the cycling of detergent, operation will automatically stop.
    (3) Water temperature is adjusted by thermal regulator.
    (4) Air purge system starts working, most detergent can be recycled.
    (5) Buzzer sounds to indicate completion of the operation.
    1.It can make the production plan reasonable and improve the produce ability.
    2.To compare with the hand-wash,it doesn't influence the cleaning result because of the worker's difference,on the contrary,it can improve the products' quality.
    3.It can prevent the dangers of cleaning work,so that we can save the work force.
    4.It can save the cleanser,the steam,the water and the cost of production.
    5.It can extend the service life of the machine parts.
    6.It includes three types,one is the handwork system,one is the semi-automation system,and the other is the whole-automation system,so it is easy for customer's selection


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