Stainless steel powder sintered filter for steam

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Stainless steel powder sintered filter for steam, stainless steel sintered or titanium sintered. 0.5micron up to 100 micron

  • Filter type: Sintered powder, Sintered mesh, pleated mesh
  • Filter length: 5” 10” 20” 30” 40”
  • Micron size: From 0.2um to 100um
  • Filter adapter: 226; 222; DOE; NPT; BSP
  • Seal gasket: Silicone: EPDM; Viton
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        The sintered metal powder filter element uses metal powder as the raw material, It is made by high temperature vacuum sintering with adding any other sticker.

        The sintered metal powder filter element can achieve best 0.5 micron nominal precision filtration. and can separate solid particles and impurities in liquid and gas. When the fluid passes through a certain precision filter element, the impurities are blocked on the surface of the filter element, and the pure fluid flows out through the filter element to make the contaminated or impurity fluid clean. The filter element can be backwashed or blown back by a certain reverse pressure. Clean the filter element so that the filter element can be used again.

        The sintered filter cartridge is made of stainless steel power ,through the sub-screen, forming, sintering to micro-filter components. According to user requirements can produce a variety of shapes, structure, different size, porosity of porous components, such as: hood, cap, sheet, tube, rod-like filter element.

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