Stainless steel steam filter element replacement of P-GS

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KOSUNS filter elements are designed for filtering steam and aggressive liquids or gases. Filtered steam is required whenever steam comes in direct contact with food product or product contact surfaces. It is also necessary to protect sterile filter integrity when using steam to sterilize filter elements. Filtered steam is recommended for the protection of precision modulating system components like pressure reducing valves, and to maintain efficiency of any heat transfer equipment.

High-quality continuous 316L sintered stainless steel filter media construction ensures excellent material resistance to steam and aggressive medias

Heavy-duty design withstands a maximum differential pressure up to 72 PSI

Multiple regenerative methods are possible, including back-flushing, ultrasonic cleaning, and solvent cleaning with hydrogen peroxide and other chemicals - allows for longer filter life and reduced operating costs

Connection Code 7 ;UF connection
Material Stainless steel316l
O ring EPDM;Silicone;Viton
Maximum temperature 200Degc
Max pressure drop 70PSID
Replace models Donaldon P-GS  Parker Domnick Hunter, Pall, RP Adams
Filter rating 1um ;5um;25um



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