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 The role of emulsifying machine and matters needing attention


Definition of emulsion pump:Emulsifying pump is a precise combination of stator, which produces strong shear force in high speed rotation to achieve mixing, homogenizing, dispersing and crushing.


Working principle:Electric energy is the power source of the emulsion pump, which mainly relies on the support of electric power to convert the electric energy into the power of high-speed rotation of the rotor. Under the strong shear force generated by high-speed rotation of the rotor, the mixed products will be crushed and emulsified, so as to be discharged from the bottom of the emulsion pump.


To help you understand some definitions:
1.mixing:To mix and fuse materials.
2:Homogenization : The process of evenly distributing the components of a substance to be mixed.for example homogenization of tissue samples.
3.Dispersion : The uniform distribution of particles in another material. Share two of life's more common distractions below:Emulsion means liquid particles in a different liquid . such as oil in vinegar dressing .another is solid particles in liquid,this way called a dispersion.such as Milk of Magnesia.
Please note that it is necessary to pay attention to the temperature sensitivity of the raw materials when using these with high speed and high shear mixing. as the heat generated during use may cause changes in the raw materials.

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