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What is a High Shear Mixer?

High shear mixers, also known as high shear reactors (HSRs), rotor-stator mixers, and high shear homogenizers, are used to emulsify, homogenize, disperse, grind and/or dissolve immiscible mixtures with components of the same or different phases. These machines have characteristics of high rotor tip speeds, high shear rates, localized energy dissipation rates, and higher power consumption than ordinary mixers.

Working principle:

High shear mixers have a high-speed rotor that forces the mixture outward against a stator to generate shear. These mixers mix, rotate, and agitate the batch. One particular type of high shear mixing, called dispersion, uses high levels of horsepower to create even higher levels of shear.

High shear mixers are usually used in the manufacturing industry where different components or ingredients are mixed, such as food manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, plastics, and so forth. The principle of high shear mixers can also be seen in chemical and petrochemical plants where they are used to aid in the reaction process.

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