• How To Choose The Filter

    1. On the filter As the name suggests, filters are used for filtering liquids or gases and some fluids. Its main function is to filter, in order to achieve the purpose of users. 2. On the classification of filters Filters are mainly classified into two categories according to their accuracy requi...
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  • Stainless Steel Mixing Tank

    The stainless steel tank means to stir, mix, blend, and homogenize the materials. The stainless steel mixing tank is designed according to the requirements of the production process. The structure and configuration can be standardized and humanized. During the stirring process, feed control, disc...
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  • Beer Fermentation Tank Cleaning

    Abstract: The microbial status of fermenters has a great impact on the quality of beer. Clean and sterile is the basic requirement for hygiene management in beer production. A good CIP system can effectively clean the fermenter. The problems of cleaning mechanism, cleaning method, cleaning proced...
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