• What are the functions of the fermentation tank?

    What are the functions of the fermentation tank?

    It is these characteristics of microorganisms that make them the masters and heroes of fermentation engineering. A fermenter is an external environmental device where microorganisms grow, multiply and form products during the fermentation process. It replaces traditional fermentation vessels R...
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  • The Basics of LNG

    LNG is the abbreviation of English Liquefied Natural Gas, that is, liquefied natural gas. It is the product of cooling and liquefaction of natural gas (methane CH4) after purification and ultra-low temperature (-162°C, one atmospheric pressure). The volume of liquefied natural gas is greatly redu...
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  • Multifunctional distillation apparatus (ammonia nitrogen still, volatile phenol still

    Multifunctional distillation apparatus (ammonia nitrogen still, volatile phenol still

    The distiller mainly includes a gas distribution chamber, a gas needle, a height adjustment support frame, a hydrogen socket, a height adjustment member, a column, a fixed member, a car chassis, a bushing, a heating block, a sample test tube baby or a test bottle, etc. Multi-purpose stills (perma...
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  • Introduction to the performance and principle of the extraction tank

    The extraction tank is a commonly used leaching and extraction equipment in the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, and is especially suitable for the leaching and extraction of the components contained in the plant products. The structure has a tank body, a screw prop...
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  • How to clean and sterilize the fermentation tank of beer brewing equipment

    The dirt on the walls of the fermenter is a mixture of inorganic and organic matter, which is difficult to clean with a single cleaning agent. If only caustic soda is used for fermenter cleaning, it only serves to remove organics. Only when the cleaning temperature reaches above 80 ℃, can a bette...
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  • Application of activated carbon filter for sewage treatment

    The activated carbon filter is generally used in conjunction with the quartz sand filter. There is no essential difference between the tank body and the quartz sand filter. The internal water distribution device and the main body piping should meet the requirements of use. Activated carbon filter...
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  • Why does whisky insist on using copper stills?

    Why does whisky insist on using copper stills?

    For people, the shiny copper still is one of the life elements of whisky. This is undoubtedly related to artistic aesthetics, but what is the real reason why whisky distilleries have persisted in using copper stills throughout the ages? Why not follow in the footsteps of The New York Times and ap...
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  • How to clean stainless steel mixing tank

    Stainless steel mixing tank is a mixing equipment made of stainless steel 304 or 316L. Compared with ordinary mixing tanks, stainless steel mixing tanks can withstand higher pressures. Stainless steel mixing tanks are widely used in food, medicine, winemaking and dairy industries. After each prod...
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  • How to Determine the Right Wort Boil Time

    When designing the wort boiling time, the following basic factors are generally considered: Various functional requirements for wort boiling must be guaranteed 1. What is more important is the isomerization of hops, the coagulation and precipitation of coagulable proteins, and the volatilization ...
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  • Data Report | U.S. farmers planted 54,000 hemp acres worth $712 million in 2021

    According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) National Hemp Report, in 2021, U.S. farmers planted 54,200 acres of hemp valued at $712 million, with a total harvested area of 33,500 acres. Mosaic hemp production was worth $623 million last year, with farmers planting 16,000 acres ...
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  • Make vodka and gin from whey

    Hartshorn Distillery is a microbrewery located in Tasmania, Australia. Hartshorn Distillery produces small batches of 80 bottles using 200L glass columns. Made vodka and gin from sheep’s whey and was also the first company in the world to create this unique product. Whey is often thrown awa...
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  • Supercritical Co2 systems for the extraction

    The principle of supercritical carbon dioxide extraction separation process is to use supercritical carbon dioxide to have special solubility effects on certain special natural products, using the relationship between the dissolution of supercritical carbon dioxide and its density, that is, the e...
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