Make vodka and gin from whey

Hartshorn Distillery is a microbrewery located in Tasmania, Australia.

Hartshorn Distillery produces small batches of 80 bottles using 200L glass columns. Made vodka and gin from sheep’s whey and was also the first company in the world to create this unique product.

Whey is often thrown away when making cheese. Ryan Hartshorn, a 33-year-old young entrepreneur, had read about milk whey distillation in Ireland and tried to make alcohol with goat whey, a by-product of the production of goat cheese at the family business Grandvewe Cheeses. He is selected for “Tasmania Young Innovator of the Year 2017″.

Vodka is 40% alcohol and has a creamy and sweet aroma with a velvety smooth taste.

The top notes are sweet with brown sugar and the base notes are pleasantly floral. The palate is fresh pear and golden apple with hints of wild spice, leather and minerality.

Post time: Feb-14-2022