Stainless steel emulsification tank

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Mixing tank with emulsifying agitator for emlsification purpose, The tank is bluid according to different working condition, from small tank to big size tank, For different industries

  • tank volume: 500L
  • Tank type: Horizontal or Vertical
  • Insulation: Single layer or with insulation
  • Material: 304 or 316 Stainless steel
  • Outside Finsh: 2B or Satin Finsh
  • Pressure: 0-20bar
  • Jacket: coil,dimple jacket,full jacket
  • Tank Volume : From 50L upto 10000L
  • Material : 304 or 316 Stainless steel
  • Insulation : Single layer or with insulation
  • Top Head type : Dish top, Open lid top, Flat top
  • Bottom type : Dish bottom, Conical bottom, Flat bottom
  • Agitator type: impeller, Anchor, Turbine, High shear / magnetic mixer, Anchor mixer with scraper
  • Inside Finsh : Mirror polished Ra<0.4um
  • Outside Finesh: 2B or Satin Finish
  • Application : Food,Beverage,Pharmacy,biological / honey,chocolate,alcohol etc
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    Mixing tank with emulsifying agitator is a tank with emulsifier agitator, It is manufactured in many sizes from 50 liter up to 5000 liter capacity.

    Each machine is built for pressure and full vacuum operation, entirely in polished stainless steel surface.

    The high shear emulsification tank can stage and emulsify the materials at high speed, so that a variety of materials can be evenly mixed to obtain a uniform liquid. At the same time, the emulsification tank also has the functions of heating, cooling, heat preservation, and stirring. The tank body is designed with material inlet, outlet, and pure Process nozzles such as nozzles can provide all conditions for the emulsification process.                                                                            

    Please contact us with your specification of the tanks you want, Our engineering team will give you the best solutions!


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